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We fight hunger with photos.

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Our Story

In 2015, we were founded on a college campus with what seemed like an ambitious aim:

  • To help restaurant owners tap into the power of giving back

  • To make a meaningful dent in local childhood hunger

  • And to do it in a sustainable way: by making it easy and profitable for business owners, so the impact would keep growing.

At the time, we didn’t have a dedicated user base. We didn’t have testimonials from restaurants. We hadn’t done case studies showing business benefits like increased spend and loyalty.

But we knew one thing for certain: people are good, and they want easy ways to help others. We knew it from our lives, the people around us, and from our own affinity for brands that were making the world a better place.

Now, with 1,055,723+ meals provided, 55,000+ app users, and 500+ partner restaurants, it’s easy to look back and say “of course”. But we couldn’t have done it without the wholehearted support of the restaurant industry and the communities we serve.

We’re grateful every day to the people who helped make it happen. From the college student snapping a photo of their roast beef sandwich at a fast food chain, to the 103 year-old grandma having a special birthday cupcake (true story!), every single person who takes a photo on GiftAMeal is a hero who touches a life by providing a meal to a neighbor in need.

Andrew Glantz, Founder and CEO

Our Mission

GiftAMeal seeks to empower people to fight hunger locally while supporting businesses in their community.


We do this by partnering with restaurants to provide an easy way for their customers to make a difference.

Our Values

Giving Back

Making community-oriented decisions to create a positive impact


Being transparent about our operations to make our partners proud


Bringing together people and organizations to help achieve their goals


Inspiring people to do good by providing an easy way to make a difference


Embracing a low ego mindset that the best ideas can come from anyone


Embodying an uplifting outlook to create joy in peoples’ lives

Our Team


Andrew Glantz
Founder and CEO


Brian Strobach
Chief Technology Officer


Albano Latifi
Chief Growth Officer


Jeni Couch
Account Executive

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Dani Toney
Restaurant Relationship Manager


Doug Davison
VP Marketing


Lauren Wassel
Graphic Design


Jamie Placht
Restaurant Relationship Manager - KC


Cece Cohen
Business Development

Hailey Goldberg
Business Development

Noah Li
Technical Support

Our Office

4220 Duncan Ave. 

Suite 201
St. Louis, MO 63110