Turn Turns It Up with a New Menu

The moment we’ve all been waiting for—Turn unveiled a new menu, and it’s perfectly curated for the summertime. Nothing says summer like Turn’s watermelon wedge, complete with cherry tomatoes, feta, mint, pistachios, and more. You can’t go wrong with any of the menu options, and all of our old favorites are still available (you can still get their biscuit flight). There are three new items that we find particularly exciting: D.L.T. If you were to take a classic B.L.T. sandwich and make it fancier and more suitable for breakfast, then you’d have something along the lines of Turn’s new D.L.T. Turn substitutes duck for bacon, arugula for lettuce, and tomato jam for a tomato slice—plus it’s serve

Talking with Local Food Photographers

We might think about GiftAMeal—in addition to its being a meal donation system and a marketing platform—as a sort of amateur food photography archive. GiftAMeal has thousands of users taking pictures at local restaurants. So, do our users count as—albeit amateur—food photographers? We started thinking about how a program like GiftAMeal and professional food photography might relate to one another. We reached out to two local food photographers, Steve Adams and Jonathan Gayman, to find out more about what it means to make a living in food photography. Neither Adams nor Gayman began as food photographers. Adams studied fine arts photography in school, while Gayman took photos for businesses be

Green Dining Alliance: Restaurants Helping the Environment

Ordinarily, we don’t think too long or too hard about throwing away old leftovers, scraping whatever food is left on our plates into the garbage, or throwing away the now-rotting fruits and vegetables that we didn’t get around to eating earlier in the week. But maybe we should spend a little more time thinking on food waste. That’s where the Green Dining Alliance (GDA) comes in. St. Louis Earth Day started the organization in 2012 when they observed how much plastic and food waste accumulated at the Earth Day Festival from restaurant vendors. Wasted food is, of course, not only the product of restaurants. Food is regularly wasted by manufacturers and consumers as well, but restaurants are of

Nick’s Pizza & Pub: Combining Pizza and Purpose

GiftAMeal is all about discovering fantastic local restaurants while giving back to the community—a mission that fits Nick’s Pizza & Pub exactly. Nick Sarillo opened the first Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Crystal Lake, IL in 1995 with his dad’s pizza recipe, a great original Chicago thin crust pizza. Ten years later, Sarillo opened his second location in nearby Elgin, and just last year, he opened a third location in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Since the beginning, Nick’s has had an interest in the community. Yulia Miller, Marketing Coordinator at Nick’s, explained that community involvement is the reason Nick’s got started: “We are in the restaurant business because it provides opp

Summer Things To Do in St. Louis

The heat during St. Louis summers can feel unbearable. But if you feel up to braving the heat—and you have a lot of water on you—St. Louis has some incredible activities to offer. Here’s a list of our favorite summer things to do in St. Louis: Movies on Art Hill: Make sure you check out one of the movie nights at Art Hill. Pack a blanket and some snacks and drinks and then settle in for a movie night under the stars. July 13: Raiders of the Lost Ark July 20: Hidden Figures July 27: Dr. No August 3: The NeverEnding Story MUNY: The MUNY is one of our absolute favorite things to do in St. Louis. They put on affordable musical productions all summer long. The MUNY itself is a remarkable space—th

GiftAMeal Top 10 Restaurants: June 2018

This June, we were able to provide 7,768 meals to those in need thanks to our users taking photos at GiftAMeal partner restaurants. Today, we are making a special mention of our over-achieving restaurants that had the most photos taken in June. 1. Gingham’s Homestyle Restaurant This month, Gingham’s rang in as our most-used GiftAMeal restaurant. Open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Gingham’s is your go-to place for comfort food. 2. Seoul Taco Located right on the loop, Seoul Taco is a Mexican-Korean fusion restaurant. The meals are delicious, fast, inexpensive, and the atmosphere is incredible. At Seoul Taco, you can eat your meal next to a wall of boom boxes even! 3. Three Kings

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