GiftAMeal gets at the root of gratefulness through traditional backing of Jewish blessings over food

I come from a “Modern-Orthodox” Jewish family that observes holidays and keeps the Sabbath as well as an adapted version of “Kosher.” My family eats food in the Dairy and Fish categories that are traditionally considered “Kosher.” While I follow a more secular, vegan lifestyle, GiftAMeal has allowed me to connect back to my roots in Judaism in the form of blessings. Before meals, many Jews say a blessing over their food, they thank God for providing them with the privilege to eat. Eating in general, and even more so, eating at restaurants, is a huge privilege. Restaurant dining in particular is often more luxurious, wasteful, and expensive than eating at home. Therefore, saying a blessing, g

GiftAMeal Top Ten Restaurants: July 2018

We just finished tallying the GiftAMeal numbers for July… and it was a big month. Thanks to all of our awesome users, we have reached over 150,000 meals provided to those in need! Amazing. Now, we’d like to highlight the restaurants that made the biggest impact last month to help us reach 150,000 meals. Here are the top ten GiftAMeal restaurants for July, based on the number of GiftAMeal photos taken in each restaurant. 1. Seoul Taco Seoul Taco functions perfectly both as a sit-down restaurant and an easy takeout spot. Whether you’re looking for a spot for dinner with family or friends, or you just want to pick up tacos for a quiet night in, Seoul Taco is a great choice. 2. Gingham's Homesty

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