How to Use Social Media to Benefit Your Restaurant

An active social media presence is essential when marketing your restaurant. At the very least, you need to have restaurant accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and, if possible, Twitter. Making a Facebook Page: When you create a page, make sure that you have a descriptive and concise explanation of your business. Include your cuisine type, a little about you or your restaurant’s history, and maybe some specials or happy hours. It is nice to also explain to visitors what sets you apart from other restaurants - what is your “thing.” Additionally, Facebook provides sections for you to include your address, phone number, and business hours. Make sure to keep this up to date. You can also include

GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: August 2018

August was another amazing month. Thanks to all of our awesome users, we have reached over 160,000 meals provided to those in need! Now, we’d like to highlight the restaurants that our users took the most photos at last month. Here are the Top GiftAMeal restaurants for August: 1. Seoul Taco ​​ Seoul Taco functions perfectly both as a sit-down restaurant and an easy takeout spot. Whether you’re looking for a spot for dinner with family or friends, or you just want to pick up tacos for a quiet night in, Seoul Taco is a great choice. 2. Gregg's Bar and Grill Joining this month, Gregg's is already a fan favorite of GiftAMeal users! Gregg's is a family owned bar that's been open in downtown St. L

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