Noshin’ with Nashan

“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a commonly used idiom. Chef Kevin Nashan is better described as the opposite, a master of all trades, jack of none. Nashan has worked in celebrated kitchens in New Mexico, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Spain, accumulating experience in New Mexican, American, French, Acadian, and Spanish cuisines. The quality of Nashan’s cooking is renowned. Since 2009, he has been nominated for the James Beard Award for the Best Chef in the Midwest eight times, has been a semifinalist five times, a finalist twice, and won the award in 2017. On top of all that, he has cooked for President Barack Obama and completed six Ironman triathlons! Truly a man of many talen

Italian Fusion - Larry Fuse Jr.’s Lorenzo’s Trattoria and Gelato di Riso

The Hill is a special St. Louis neighborhood. Home to early immigrants from Northern Italy, the streets, buildings, and businesses of The Hill preserve much of St. Louis’ Italian heritage. Italian cuisine forms the backbone of this iconic neighborhood, with amazing restaurants seemingly on every corner. Larry Fuse Jr. has carved out his own corner - or corners, rather - on the Hill with his two restaurants, Lorenzo’s Trattoria and Gelato di Riso. Fuse was born and raised on The Hill, and opened Lorenzo’s Trattoria in 1999. Lorenzo’s is The Hill’s only Northern Italian restaurant, and while they still serve the tomato- and seafood-heavy dishes popular in Southern Italian cuisine, they special

A Slice Above: Snarf’s Sandwiches

The moment you step inside Snarf’s Sandwiches, you know you are in for something unique and special. From the vibrant interior design to the casual dining atmosphere, Snarf’s immediately differentiates itself from your typical sandwich joint. But what really sets Snarf’s apart is the sandwiches. From classics like the Italian to in-house specialities like the Smoked Brisket, there is sure to be a sandwich to please your palate. Served on their freshly baked bread and spiced with their signature giardiniera pepper blend, you will be left speechless (in part because you’ll be too busy stuffing your face). If you aren’t feeling sandwiches, Snarf’s also offers entree-sized salads, hot soups, dri

Comfort food for all - Good Buddy’s Tasty Soups & Sandwiches

What’s in a name? For Good Buddy’s Tasty Soups & Sandwiches, the answer is: everything you need to know. A trip to Good Buddy’s means delicious, original-recipe soups, handcrafted sandwiches, and a friendly atmosphere. What more could you ask for? Founded in July 2018 by brothers Luke and Nathan Ragain and their good buddy Justin Gibson, Good Buddy’s Tasty Soups & Sandwiches brings together two great comfort foods under one roof. But it is their sandwiches that really shine. In a crowded sandwich industry, Good Buddy’s manages to stand out with quality takes on classics, like their pastrami sandwich, and innovative new delicacies, like the marvelously messy spaghetti meatball sub. Good Buddy

The scoop on Tower Grove Creamery

Tower Grove Creamery keeps things close to home. Founded by David and Beulah Ann McCreery, the small St. Louis ice cream shop has been family-owned-and-operated since it opened in 2010. Even the ice cream itself is a Missouri local, hailing from Jefferson City’s Central Dairy. But while the operations of the business might keep its circle small, the fruits of their labor are shared with all. Tower Grove Creamery is often packed with locals and visitors alike, and lines on hot summer days can often be seen snaking around the side of the building. They are the perfect example of a small business having a big impact on a city. That impact extends well beyond smiling faces and brain freezes. Tow

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