GiftAMeal College Brand Ambassador Opportunity

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Help us inspire simple acts of kindness by making it easy for people to fight hunger in their communities. GiftAMeal is a mobile application that helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user dines at a partner restaurant. As a Brand Ambassador, we want you to spread your passion for GiftAMeal to your friends, family members, and to strangers on the street!

Your main goals are to increase local brand awareness, introduce others to GiftAMeal, and spread an overall brand love through events, guerilla marketing, and other creative avenues. We encourage you to talk, inspire, and hustle to drive downloads!

To succeed in this role you will utilize your knowledge about the community to develop new outreach strategies. You will have firsthand ownership of campaigns from start to finish. Apply to be a Brand Ambassador if you are passionate about GiftAMeal’s cause, and if you want to gain valuable experience in growing a startup.


Time Commitment:

  • 2-3 hours per week of promotion related activities

  • 1-2 events per month - 3 hours each


Responsibilities & Projects:

  • On-Campus

    • Hand out promotional materials on-campus

    • Meet with student groups to inform them about the app

    • Craft partnerships on-campus

  • Restaurants

    • Use GiftAMeal at participating restaurants and encourage friends to use it too

    • Ask staff about GiftAMeal when you dine at restaurants to increase visibility of the program, or to encourage them to join

    • Inform patrons at restaurants about the app

    • Distribute GiftAMeal promotional materials to partner restaurants

  • Events

    • Staff GiftAMeal booths at events to promote the app

    • Attend events such as GiftAMeal sponsored happy hours or benefit nights and invite friends

  • Marketing Initiatives

    • Brainstorm and implement partnerships or involvement with events and other organizations that could have potential users

      • Reach out to organizations/events to present at meetings/events to their group members

    • Execute guerrilla marketing opportunities to increase visibility and downloads

    • Research advertisement opportunities and pricing

  • Social Media

    • Write posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that target potential or current users or restaurants

      • i.e. weekly updates, interesting foodie information, charitable information, articles, rankings, and recommendations/deals



  • Outgoing, reliable, friendly, and high energy

  • Must be professional and punctual

  • Comfortable putting yourself out there and talking to customers and users

  • Must be able to interact with patrons using effective communication

  • Leadership roles in clubs / student groups

  • Humor


Why is GiftAMeal’s impact important?


42 million people in the United States suffer from food insecurity every day. This means that at times during the year, 42 million people were uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet the needs of all their family members because they had insufficient money or access to food. Food deserts exist where there are no supermarkets in an area or the hours are not sufficient for an individual working multiple jobs to be able to get food for their families. GiftAMeal is looking to end food insecurity through helping food banks distribute food to these areas so those in need can access food.


How does GiftAMeal work?


GiftAMeal provides a meal to someone in need every time a user takes a picture at a partner restaurant. GiftAMeal donates a set amount per meal at a cost determined by food banks. This cost covers the distribution to get food (that was largely donated by supermarkets) from a large facility to a local pantry. Distribution includes the refrigeration, transportation, and labor costs for the food bank. This costs less than 25 cents per meal due to distributing in bulk, making a big impact at a low cost. Restaurants pay a monthly fee to participate in GiftAMeal’s program.


Why do people love using GiftAMeal?



GiftAMeal is a near effortless way to make someone feel good about helping another person in their community, just by taking a photo. It does not require any additional cost for a user, and is a quick process. Users can feel good about supporting socially conscious restaurants with their business, and can use GiftAMeal to help decide where to dine out. As a user dines out using GiftAMeal more and more, their friends can see the number of meals the user has provided and can recognize that individual as caring for their community.


Where is GiftAMeal at now?


Over 150,000 meals have been provided to those in need, over 130 restaurants have joined, and over 16,000 people have downloaded the app.