Boosting Restaurants While Giving Back

Drive sales, increase loyalty, and have your customers promote your restaurant for you.
Value to Restaurants

Acquire new customers through socially conscious branding

Engage customers in a positive experience to build loyalty

Inspire customers to promote the restaurant to friends.

Case Study

As covered in the St. Louis Business Journal, we analyzed seven months of Rich & Charlie's diner payment data at two locations and found that customers that used GiftAMeal:

  • Spent 24% more per check compared to standard guests

  • Returned 45% more frequently than standard guests

  • Tipped staff 14% more than standard guests

“GiftAMeal has provided a terrific boost to our customer loyalty and average check size. This increase in numbers has obviously been a nice benefit, but the real reward of GiftAMeal is being able to support the community.”


- Emil Pozzo, Owner of Rich & Charlie's



per month



✔ Listed on App and                    Website

✔ Free Promotional                      Materials


✔ Email Announcement to          All Users

✔ Monthly Updates

✔ Free Staff Training

50 meals provided + 1 for each use

(paid for by GiftAMeal)



✔ Custom Social Media             Promotion


✔ Custom Email                         Campaigns


✔ Custom Push                           Notification Campaigns


✔ Highlighted on Website


Plus all features in Beginner

100 meals provided + 1 for each use

(paid for by GiftAMeal)

per month


 per month



✔ Featured Positioning on         the App and Website

✔ Personalized Badge on          the App

✔ Customer Survey                   Capability

✔ Promo Code for                      Fundraiser Capability

✔ Access to User                        Demographics


✔ Content Generation               Assistance

Plus all features in Standard

150 meals provided + 1 for each use

(paid for by GiftAMeal)

Gerard Craft Restaurants.png

“GiftAMeal perfectly fits the latest trends in reaching customers that care about the community. It is an easy way for restaurants to engage customers in giving back while increasing loyalty.”​

Gerard Craft

Owner of Niche Food Group

“It's a classic win-win. It's marketing for the restaurant. At the same time, it's also providing for people who are in need. It's a great way to use people's inclination for social media and do something positive at the same time.”​

John Perkins

Owner of Juniper

"GiftAMeal is a great way to interact with our guests... As a participating restaurant, we not only provide our guests with a meaningful way to contribute to the community, we also gain valuable marketing information and reporting."

Anthony & Rosario Scarato

Owners of Anthonino's Taverna


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