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 - Amy

“It’s a no brainer. I eat out. I can snap a photo.

Someone directly benefits. I feel good. Mic Drop.”


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Case Studies

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16 Month Case Study
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7 Month Case Study

Bloom Café and Rich & Charlie’s conducted studies to measure the business impact of GiftAMeal. The results were conclusive: it pays to give back!

What Restaurants Say

"It's a classic win-win. It's marketing for the restaurant. At the same time, it's also providing for people who are in need. It's a great way to use people's inclination for social media and do something positive at the same time.”​

John Perkins, Owner of Juniper

What Food Banks Say

“The donations made through GiftAMeal have allowed us to expand our reach, providing more people with access to healthy food. We are very grateful to GiftAMeal, its users, and its partner restaurants for advancing our cause.”

Kristen V. Wild, Executive Director

Operation Food Search

How We Provide Meals to The Hungry

“My daughter is 15. The food program really, really helped us. Her grades have gone sky high. We’re in a good place now - we have a house and food and now we’re going to give back.

– Bridget

“Before I got my own place, I was having trouble finding somewhere to eat. I have a daughter now, she just turned one. Everybody is supporting me and I love the support - that makes me feel like I’m going to be a good father.”

– Nathaniel

Lives Changed

With GiftAMeal, your restaurant can make a significant impact on the lives of people in your community with very little effort on your part. 

*photos have been changed to protect privacy


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