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 Grow your business by giving back 

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"We’re very excited to be partnering with GiftAMeal to make a difference locally in a way that gets the whole community involved. And I love the message of the program: we all have the power to help those around us!"

- Michael Kupstas, CEO of Lion's Choice

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"[The] app creates a win-win-win situation. Users can feel good, knowing they're helping provide food to people who need it. Restaurants get publicity through social media posts, and food banks receive much-needed monetary donations."

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"Just snapping a photo of your meal can be of great help to the community"

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"GiftAMeal has grown to more than 240 partner restaurants and 40,000 application users... 

Customers who are using GiftAMeal are returning more frequently, spending more per check and tipping more than customers who are not using GiftAMeal. It is great to see the power of a socially conscious incentive, rather than a financial incentive like coupons and discounts"