Rich & Charlie's Case Study

GiftAMeal conducted a 7 month case study with 2 locations of Rich & Charlie's. Transactions of customers that used GiftAMeal at Rich & Charlie's were compared to ones that did not by matching the names on the credit card transactions to the names of the corresponding GiftAMeal users.

Rich & Charlie's point-of-sale system collected detailed transaction data for each customer that paid with a credit card including: date/time of transaction, gross revenue, tip size, and customer name on the credit card used.

The names on the credit cards were then matched to the names of GiftAMeal user accounts, and the transactions were validated using the date/time of the credit card transactions and the date/time the photos were taken on GiftAMeal.


Check Size, Visit Frequency, and Tip Size

Analyzing 7 months of diner payment data at 2 Rich & Charlie's locations, the results were conclusive. Customers that used GiftAMeal consistently spent 24% more per check compared to standard guests, they returned 45% more frequently, and they even tipped staff 14% more. See below for more detail:

"GiftAMeal has provided a terrific boost to our customer loyalty and average check size. This increase in numbers has obviously been a nice benefit, but the real reward of GiftAMeal is being able to support the community that has helped support us over the past 50 years. The positive feedback from customers has been really exciting to see. The staff has embraced the program as well. They see it as an easy way to help those in need, and the increases we have seen show why they are so eager to get behind GiftAMeal.”

Emil Pozzo, 

Owner, Rich & Charlie’s 





My 1st gluten-free pasta dish delish another hit thanks for the great service, dustin




Always delicious Penne Ronzio! 


Not only do i love their salad but i love supporting a local restaurant that gives back. rich charlie's for the win!





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pounds of food

*Data analysis led by Eric Failes, PhD in Cognitive Psychology (Washington University in St. Louis)