Focus up: Tips for taking your best pictures with GiftAMeal

The great thing about taking a picture with GiftAMeal is that, regardless of how the picture turns out, it will always be a picture you can be proud of. Each picture, no matter how out of focus or how embarrassing your friends are being in the background, will help feed someone in need. But since there is an option of sharing your pictures on social media to gift additional meals, you may want your pictures to look their best. Here are six tips for taking your best pictures with GiftAMeal.

1. Choose your subject wisely

A common misconception when using the GiftAMeal app is that you need to take a picture of your food. This is not the case! While your meal may often be the most eye-pleasing subject for your photo - don’t tell your date I said that - anything at a GiftAMeal restaurant can be your muse. So snap a picture of your drink, the décor, your friends, your date, or take a selfie! Whatever moment you want to remember or share with the world can help feed someone in need.

2. Put your picture in the right frame