Fuzzy's Taco Shop - Creating Value during Challenging Times

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is the taco king. They’ve become a trusted and respected business by providing specialty tacos to their customers and going the extra-mile to give back.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, Fuzzy’s had to adapt to new norms and maintain their commitment to their customers under challenging circumstances.

In the latest episode of the Food on the Table podcast, we were joined by Kimberly Neil, the Director of Marketing of the four Fuzzy’s Taco Shop locations in St. Louis and the five locations in Columbia, MO. GiftAMeal is currently partnered with all four of the St. Louis locations in St. Charles, Westport Plaza, Manchester, and Webster Groves.

Neil set the scene for those who hadn't been to Fuzzy's:

“We’re not your average taco shop. It’s our version of taco heaven with unique drinks ... in a fast casual setting.”

As for the coolest drink you can get at Fuzzy's, they present you with a twist on the margarita: the beerita.