GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: December 2018

Happy New Year! What's your resolution for the year? Ours is to provide another hundred thousand meals :). As we end 2018, let's celebrate the restaurants that had the most pictures taken on GiftAMeal last month. Together, they helped provide 11,770 meals to those in need locally. That means that to date, GiftAMeal has provided 207,801 meals; that's 249,361 pounds of food. Wow. Thank you to all of GiftAMeal's loyal users for making this difference possible.

The Top Ten

1. Chris' Pancake & Dining 2. Gregg's Bar and Grill 3. Three Kings Public House 4. Gingham's Homestyle Restaurant 5. Seoul Taco 6. The Greek Kitchen 7. The Chocolate Pig 8. Rich & Charlie's 9 (tie). Frank & Helen's 9 (tie). Vitality Bowls 9 (tie). Walnut Grill

Rounding out the Top 25:

12 (tie). Cousin Hugo's 12 (tie). Turn Restaurant 14. Espresso Yourself Coffee + Cafe 15. Lona's Lil Eats 16 (tie). Bloom Cafe 16 (tie). The Vine 18 (tie). Anthonino's Taverna 18 (tie). Crafted 20 (tie). Big Sky Cafe 20 (tie). Blueprint Coffee 20 (tie). Gioia's Deli 23 (tie). Northwest Coffee Roasting Company 23 (tie). The Gramophone 25. Pastaria

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