GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: January 2019

Brrr! January was a chilly month. But you all still went to dine out and support GiftAMeal partner restaurants - thank you! Due to your photos taken on the app, 11,257 meals were provided to those in need in January. That puts us now at 219,058 meals provided to those in need to-date. Awesome! Check out the restaurants you took the most pics at in January below.


1 . Chris' Pancake & Dining 2. Gregg's Bar and Grill 3 (tie). Gingham's Homestyle Restaurant 3 (tie). Trainwreck Saloon 5. Three Kings Public House 6. Vitality Bowls 7 (tie). Frank & Helen's 7 (tie). Walnut Grill 9. Kingside Diner

10 (tie). Cousin Hugo's 10 (tie). Seoul Taco


12. The Vine 13. Espresso Yourself Coffee + Cafe 14. Rich & Charlie's 15. Las Fuentes 16 (tie). Anthonino's Taverna 16 (tie). Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh 18 (tie). House of India 18 (tie). Gioia's Deli 20. Bloom Cafe 21. Turn Restaurant 22 (tie). The Gramophone 22 (tie). The Greek Kitchen 24. Pieology 25 (tie). Bombay Food Junkies 25 (tie). Zia's on the Hill

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