GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: September 2018

Wow! Over 10,000 meals were provided to those in need this month due to YOUR usage of GiftAMeal at our partner restaurants. Let's keep the momentum going in October!

Below are the restaurants that had the most pictures taken on GiftAMeal in September. From diners to bars to Italian restaurants, we had quite a diverse group this month.

Help your favorite restaurant move up the leaderboard by dining there this month and using GiftAMeal!

1. Gingham's Homestyle Restaurant

If you live in St. Charles, you know Gingham’s. This local restaurant takes pride in staying close with its customer base, serving every meal as if they were putting food on the family dinner table. Come in for food with a side of smiles!

2 (tie). Gregg's Bar and Grill

Gregg’s Bar and Grill has been around for over 35 years and has always stuck to its roots as a family-owned classic. Grab a drink over happy hour, chat with the regulars, and join the family.

2 (tie). Walnut Grill

Nobody does casual dining quite like Walnut Grill. With an emphasis on community and nutrition, Walnut places the utmost importance on fresh food and a fresh environment. Since 1999, Walnut Grill has always been prided itself in representing “sophistication, simplified.”

4 (tie). Chris' Pancake & Dining

It’s 10am somewhere, and Chris’ Pancake & Dining wants to keep that morning vibrancy alive all-day with a diverse menu ranging from Mediterranean omelets to breakfast quesadillas. No matter what time of day, it’s always sunny-side up at Chris’.

4 (tie). Three Kings Public House

Known for its classic wings, Three Kings is the ideal Friday night hangout spot. Grab a beer with your friends and give cheers to this Saint Louis staple.

6. Turn Restaurant

Putting a new twist on American traditional flavors, Turn utilizes a farm-to-table philosophy, crafting delicacies with the finest and freshest ingredients that St. Louis has to offer. Turn toward sustainability today.

7. Frank & Helen's

Founded in 1956, Frank & Helen’s has cultivated a loyal consumer base unified in praising pizza done the St. Louis way. The ingredients of a pizza work together just as the unique flavors of St. Louis create our community, and St. Louis wouldn’t be the same without Frank & Helen’s.

8. Rich & Charlie's

Rich & Charlie’s continues to grow its operations, but never loses touch of its Italian roots. With a diverse menu and creative flavor combinations, this restaurant offers the ideal outing for a weekend taste of Italy.