The scoop on Tower Grove Creamery

Tower Grove Creamery keeps things close to home. Founded by David and Beulah Ann McCreery, the small St. Louis ice cream shop has been family-owned-and-operated since it opened in 2010. Even the ice cream itself is a Missouri local, hailing from Jefferson City’s Central Dairy.

But while the operations of the business might keep its circle small, the fruits of their labor are shared with all. Tower Grove Creamery is often packed with locals and visitors alike, and lines on hot summer days can often be seen snaking around the side of the building. They are the perfect example of a small business having a big impact on a city.

That impact extends well beyond smiling faces and brain freezes. Tower Grove Creamery is the perfect example of a small business with a big heart, and has been a driving force for GiftAMeal since joining in August 2018. In the past year, 826 meals have been gifted from Tower Grove Creamery. Additionally, despite being small, family-operated business, Tower Grove Creamery has been among the top 25 restaurants in terms of meals gifted in seven months during their year on the GiftAMeal. Those seven months include November 2018 (22nd) and February 2019 (25th), not exactly peak sales months for most ice cream shops.

Summer is nearing its end, and for many, school is just around the corner. Take your family and friends to Tower Grove Creamery for the perfect summer celebration. And add a cherry on top by gifting a meal to someone in need using GiftAMeal.

Tower Grove Creamery is located at 3101 S Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118. They are open 1 - 9pm Monday through Thursday and 1 - 10pm Friday and Saturday.

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