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“The donations made through GiftAMeal have allowed us to expand our reach, providing more people with access to healthy food. We are very grateful to GiftAMeal, its users, and its partner restaurants for advancing our cause.”

Kristen V. Wild, Executive Director

Operation Food Search


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Case Study

“GiftAMeal has provided a terrific boost to our customer loyalty and average check size. The positive feedback from customers has been really exciting to see. The staff has embraced the program as well. They see it as an easy way to help those in need.

Emil Pozzo, Owner of Rich and Charlie's

The results of the case study with Rich and Charlie's Restaurant found that GiftAMeal customers:


Spent 24% more
per check than standard guests


Returned 45% more
frequently than standard guests


Tipped staff 14% more
than standard guests


“It's a classic win-win. It's marketing for the restaurant. At the same time, it's also providing for people who are in need. It's a great way to use people's inclination for social media and do something positive at the same time.”​

John Perkins, Owner of Juniper

"GiftAMeal perfectly fits the latest trends in reaching customers that care about the community. It is an easy way for restaurants to engage customers in giving back while increasing loyalty."

Gerard Craft, Owner of Pastaria, Taste, Brasserie, and Sardella

"It's been really beneficial for us as far as customers coming in who've seen us and tagged us. I think customers who come in really want to be part of this great app. They'll order an extra thing just to take a picture so they can post it and also give back, so it's great."

David Kirkland, Owner of Turn Restaurant


With GiftAMeal, your restaurant can make a significant impact on the lives of people in your community with very little effort on your part. 

*photos have been changed to protect privacy


“My daughter is 15. The food program really, really helped us. Her grades have gone sky high. We’re in a good place now - we have a house and food and now we’re going to give back.


“Before I got my own place, I was having trouble finding somewhere to eat. I have a daughter now, she just turned one. Everybody is supporting me and I love the support - that makes me feel like I’m going to be a good father.”


“I didn’t realize that people were hungry until I stopped working and retired. You never think that you would end up on food stamps. I never thought it. Even though it’s rough, I’m still blessed.”


Sysco customers get 10% off all monthly plans, or 25% off if they pay annually.

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What is GiftAMeal?

GiftAMeal is a free mobile app that helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo on the app at a participating restaurant. If a user then shares their photo on Facebook or Instagram, GiftAMeal provides a second or third meal!

How does GiftAMeal provide meals?

The food being distributed is meat, produce, and canned goods that are donated to Operation Food Search by Schnucks, Dierberg’s, Sysco, and more. With each photo taken on the app, GiftAMeal makes a donation to Operation Food Search to cover the cost of delivering 1.2 pounds of food (1 meal) to over 300 local pantries so those in need can access the food in their neighborhood.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

Nope! You can cancel at the end of any month. If you sign up for a year of GiftAMeal, we do offer a 15% discount since upfront payment gives us the funding to do more marketing.

What do staff have to do?

GiftAMeal is minimal effort for management and staff. It’s all on the customer to take a photo on the GiftAMeal app - staff do not have to do anything to have it work. We can come by a staff meeting to explain the app and provide explanation materials if you like.

Are there any costs to me outside of the monthly subscription?

Nope! GiftAMeal covers all the cost of the donations to Operation Food Search, as well as the cost of materials promoting your involvement in our program.

Why should my restaurant join?

GiftAMeal is a good way to drive customers to your restaurant while giving back and showing that you care about the community. GiftAMeal has over 30,000 app users that look through participating restaurants when deciding where to eat. Participating restaurants have also seen that customers that used GiftAMeal spent more per check, returned more frequently, and tipped more.

How do I join?

It's easy! Fill out the online form here with some basic information about your restaurant, and choose from one of our pricing plans.