GiftAMeal Brand Resources

Brand guidelines and downloadable content for our partners

Our Brand

Brand Voice: GiftAMeal’s brand focuses on being uplifting, human, and community-based.

Brand Tone: Our brand’s tone of voice is conversational and aims to evoke trust and authenticity. As a company, we avoid using guilt-inducing rhetoric, instead focusing on positive experiences.

Design Style: We aim to keep our designs simple, contemporary, and a mix of playful yet professional.

Brand Spelling: We keep consistency with GiftAMeal as one word, no space or hyphens, with the G/A/M capitalized (not giftameal / Gift a Meal / Gift-A-Meal / Gift A Meal).

Style Guide

Hex: 54294f
RGB: 84, 41, 79
CMYK: 66, 90, 40, 30
Hex: 97519d
RGB: 151 ,81, 157
CMYK: 45, 81, 1, 0
Heading: Avenir Black
Subheading: Avenir Heavy
Body Text: Avenir Medium or Book
Logo Usage
- Maintain the color, shape, and proportions of our logo.
- Leave enough space around the logo for it to be clear and uncluttered.
- Use
the logo at a legible size.
- Use with high contrasting backgrounds, preferably on solid colors.

- Don’t modify the design or color of  our logo.
- Don't alter the size of the bowl icon.
- Don't change the font of the logo.

Downloadable Content

Sample Promo Materials

Promo materials inform your customers about your involvement in GiftAMeal so they remember to take photos. Contact us to request materials or print your own here.

Table Tents  (4" x 6")
Easy to put up and easy to wipe down - a highly recommended option.
Info Cards (2" x 3.5")
Place in takeout/delivery bags or hand them out at the counter.
Table Stickers (5" dia)
Removable stickers made of thick, durable vinyl that are easy to wipe off.
Posters (8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17")
Uniquely designed posters to fit your restaurant's brand.

Add a note to your receipt footer.
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