Join us in Healing Hunger

At GiftAMeal, every team member is a crucial part of our mission to heal hunger. In our efforts to advance that goal, we make sure to create an uplifting, human-centered, and collaborative work environment. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and are understanding and flexible to personal life circumstances. Together, we will continue to succeed in putting a dent in the hunger problem.

Check back later for new role openings!

Meet the Team

Andrew Glantz
Founder & CEO
Brian Strobach
Chief Technology Officer
Alison Van Bergen
Enterprise Account Executive
Dani Toney
Restaurant Relationship Manager
Lauren Wassel
Graphic Design

Meet the Advisory Board

Phil Crawford, CTO
CKE Restaurants (Carl's Jr. & Hardee's)
Dan Sokolik, VP Marketing
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
Andy Rebhun, CXO
Seth Hall, Principal
858 Partners