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Everyone loves a business that does good. GiftAMeal adds that element to your brand in minutes — so your community & business can thrive together.

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Free and Fun
for Customers

  1. Scan a QR code to launch GiftAMeal.

  2. Take a photo of food or drink purchase to
    give a meal locally.

  3. Share on social media to give more meals.

Impact your community,
Impact your business

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What our partners are saying

“With GiftAMeal, it’s been remarkable to see guests of all ages get involved
so quickly and easily to create a tremendous impact, one photo at a time. It’s heart-warming to see all the terrific photos our guests take, and how they choose to share these
special moments with their loved
ones and friends."
Michael Kupstas
CEO, Lion’s Choice
(31 locations)
“Knowing that every image we receive impacts the community directly adds so much value to our brand. It's another layer of sustainability that ensures Groucho’s Deli stays true to our legacy and commitment to the communities where we eat, sleep, work, and play"
Deric Rosenbaum
President, Groucho’s Deli (29 locations)
“GiftAMeal perfectly fits the latest
trends in reaching customers that care about the community. It is an easy way
for restaurants to engage customers in giving back while increasing loyalty"
Gerard Craft
Owner, Niche Food Group
“At Pizza Factory, we believe that great food has the power to bring people together and create lasting memories. GiftAMeal is the perfect bridge and fosters a sense of social responsibility to all who participate"
MJ Riva
CEO, Pizza Factory (112 locations)
“This collaboration not only connects us with our customers but also serves our communities directly. GiftAMeal embodies our joint effort with customers to create positive change, seamlessly blending technology, community engagement, and social responsibility."
Helen Wood
Director of Marketing, Snarf’s Sandwiches (35 locations)
“What attracted me to this opportunity was the ability to rally our brand around a singular message while still providing help and impact in the local communities that we serve. To top it off, our customers get to participate and have fun helping their neighbors all at no cost to them."
Dan Sokolik
VP of Marketing,
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
(130 locations)
"Our franchise is proud to be partnered with Andrew and his team at GiftAMeal. It’s easy on operations and allows our guests a simple way to give back to their communities with just a photo of their own meal. We would recommend any restaurant to partner with Andrew and GiftAMeal because it’s easy and it’s making a difference."
Mike Axiotis
President & CEO,
Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group
(20 location Red Robin franchisee)
"Customers love it, and it gets them talking and sharing their experiences. It’s marketing by doing good, and I love seeing the impact add up month after month. Compared to traditional advertising, there’s just so much value — AND it feeds people. Even though it is just a small part of a marketing budget, it’s the part that I feel most excited to spend."
Meegan Whitehead
GM, Anthonino’s Taverna
“I love GiftAMeal. It’s just super easy to add on. It doesn’t add any more work for me, and then we get to see it and it’s amazing... I love sharing each month how many times we’ve helped!"
Kimberly Neill
Marketing, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
(5 location franchisee)
"GiftAMeal has made it easy for our guests to lend a hand, which means we’re not only helping folks who could use a meal, but we’re also giving our neighborhoods and communities a chance to get involved with us."
Ned Lidvall
CEO, Project BarFly
(HopCat, 10 locations)

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