GiftAMeal is seeking a Business Development Specialist

Part-Time, Starting January 2020

GiftAMeal is a mobile application that helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a picture at a partner restaurant. We are seeking a part-time Business Development Specialist to conduct phone calls to restaurants to set up meetings for our sales team. The Business Development Specialist will receive training from the CEO and the Head of Partnerships and will work with them throughout the job.

Hours will take place between 2:00pm-4:30pm Monday to Saturday since these are the hours when restaurant owners are most available to speak.


Your role will be integral to the success of the company. You will directly be pushing the company forward by growing the number of restaurants on the app, which will lead to both increased revenue for GiftAMeal and more meals being provided to those in need.

For top performers, promotion opportunities to become a Business Development Manager are available if milestones are met. 


Flexible Hours:

  • 4 to 8 hours per week, planned around your schedule

  • Working remotely or from our office in Cortex (4240 Duncan Ave)

  • Weekly check-ins with the CEO



  • $10/hour

    • PLUS $15 per restaurant meeting you set up

  • PLUS some GiftAMeal swag :) 

  • PLUS fun team excursions as a bonus for reaching milestones - last semester we did Topgolf, Candle Fusion, Seoul Taco dinner, and Little Saigon lunch


Required Qualifications:

  • Outstanding communicator

  • Self-motivated

  • Highly organized

  • Resourceful and proactive

  • Comfortable with cold calling

Other Desirable Qualifications:

  • Experience in a role that required high interpersonal interaction

  • Sales experience at any level

Or email your resume and why you believe you are a fit for the position to


How does GiftAMeal work?

GiftAMeal helps provide a meal to someone in need every time a user takes a picture at a partner restaurant. Restaurants pay a monthly fee of $49-$149 per month be on the app. With each photo taken on the app, GiftAMeal donates 11-23 cents to a local food bank, a cost set by the food bank that funds the distribution of 1 meal (1.2 pounds of meat, produce, and canned goods) to a neighborhood pantry where those in need can access the food. That distribution cost includes the refrigeration, transportation, and labor costs for getting the food to those that need it.

Why do restaurants join GiftAMeal?

Restaurants join GiftAMeal to give back as well as receive promotional benefits. Restaurants that join GiftAMeal want to connect with our users to get new customers and to create a positive experience for all their current customers to increase loyalty.

What's the GiftAMeal team like?

GiftAMeal is a startup founded in St. Louis by a Washington University graduate. The GiftAMeal team currently has 5 core team members and works out of Cortex in the Central West End.

Where is GiftAMeal at now?

Over 360,000 meals have been provided to those in need, over 175 restaurants have joined, and over 30,000 people have downloaded the app.