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Jules Karagiannis

Espresso Yourself: A neighborhood coffee shop becomes a community powerhouse

Sisters Jules Karagiannis and Tracy Calabro, share a dream to serve each guest at their coffee shop with the friendliness of a best friend. Espresso Yourself provides a friendly, inviting and comfortable environment for anyone who's seeking a place to grab a cup on their way to work, sit and relax with a good friend or book, or even hold a business meeting. Since opening in 2018, Jules and Tracey have built a caring and supportive community with great coffee, wonderful friends and good vibes. When Espresso Yourself partnered with GiftAMeal, customers and staff were excited to participate in the program.

Over a 16-month period, Espresso Yourself Coffee & Cafe was able to provide over 1,225 meals to their community with zero staff effort. They were thrilled about the impact. And looking at the transaction analysis, it’s clear that customers using GiftAMeal felt the same way.

On average, customers after using GiftAMeal had:

32% increase in visits

49% increase in tip size

11% increase in check size

“We LOVE seeing our guests coming back more and more, smiling and taking photos! GiftAMeal is great for our business and great for our hearts." 

- Jules Karagiannis, Owner of Espresso Yourself

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