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Michael Kupstas

Lion's Choice: A consistent brand experience brings results across the board for 32-unit sandwich chain

Lion’s Choice, a 32-unit QSR chain, selected GiftAMeal as its charitable marketing solution. Each time a guest takes a photo of their order from Lion’s Choice using GiftAMeal, a donation is made to a local food bank to provide a meal to someone in need. Over 20,000 meals are provided annually through the partnership, and Lion’s Choice has seen tremendous boosts to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On average, customers after using GiftAMeal had:

74% marked GiftAMeal as their first give-back experience at Lion’s Choice

78% were more likely to return because Lion’s Choice participated in GiftAMeal

73% were more likely to recommend Lion’s Choice to a friend

With GiftAMeal, it’s been remarkable to see guests of all ages get involved so quickly and easily to create a tremendous impact, one photo at a time. It’s heart-warming to see all the terrific photos our guests take, and how they choose to share these special moments with their loved ones and friends.

- Michael Kupstas, CEO of Lion’s Choice

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