GiftAMeal Boosts Restaurant Success While Fighting Hunger

As covered in the St. Louis Business Journal

April 24, 2018

Social responsibility, previously a nice side dish, has now become essential for businesses to connect with customers. According to Cone Communications, 87% of people say they make purchases based on values, 88% are more loyal to a company if it supports a social issue, and 81% tell friends and family about a company's social responsibility efforts.

GiftAMeal presents a solution to restaurants looking to engage customers in social responsibility. GiftAMeal is a mobile application that helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo at a partner restaurant. Restaurants pay a monthly subscription of $49-$149/month to be on the app, and GiftAMeal donates money to local food banks with each photo taken to provide a meal. Over 100 restaurants have joined, over 15,000 people are on the app, and over 118,000 meals have been provided to those in need thus far.

Recently, GiftAMeal conducted a case study in conjunction with TableCrunch to analyze GiftAMeal's impact on restaurant revenue in addition to social impact. St. Louis restaurant Rich & Charlie’s volunteered to assist with analysis, utilizing their data analytics partner TableCrunch.

TableCrunch’s CEO, Jon Grayem, commented on the case saying, “TableCrunch was happy to help GiftAMeal validate what they long suspected, socially responsible diners are more profitable for restaurants when incentivized. Our payment analytics can tell restaurants a lot about their businesses using real data." 

Analyzing seven months of diner payment data at two Rich & Charlie's locations, the results were conclusive. Customers that used GiftAMeal consistently spent 24% more per check compared to standard guests, they returned 45% more frequently, and they even tipped staff 14% more. See below for more detail:

24% Higher Check Size

GiftAMeal Average Check Size: $43.14    |    All Guest Average Check Size: $34.70

45% Greater Visit Frequency

GiftAMeal Customer Average Visits: 4.97    |    All Guests Average Visits: 3.43

14% Higher Tips

GiftAMeal Customer Average Tip: 19.09%    |    All Guests Average Tip: 16.71%

GiftAMeal’s Founder and CEO, Andrew Glantz, explained, “These results validated the trends that we observed in the power of social impact when we decided to create GiftAMeal. At the end of the day, we want to provide financial returns for our partner restaurants and prove that they can connect with customers in a way that does not require constant price-slashing and discounting.”

Rich & Charlie’s owner, Emil Pozzo, was ecstatic with the findings, stating “GiftAMeal has provided a terrific boost to our customer loyalty and average check size. This increase in numbers has obviously been a nice benefit, but the real reward of GiftAMeal is being able to support the community that has helped support us over the past 50 years. The positive feedback from customers has been really exciting to see. The staff has embraced the program as well. They see it as an easy way to help those in need, and the increases we have seen show why they are so eager to get behind GiftAMeal.”

After fantastic results from its first 100 restaurants in St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit, GiftAMeal is looking to grow. Interested restaurants can learn more about joining at, or contact GiftAMeal’s Founder, Andrew, at