Espresso Yourself Case Study

GiftAMeal conducted a 16 month case study with Espresso Yourself  Coffee & Café from October 17, 2019 to February 6, 2021. To measure GiftAMeal’s impact on customer behavior,  transactions from Espresso Yourself were split into two groups: customers that used GiftAMeal and customers that did not.

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Clover, the point-of-sale system for Espresso Yourself, collected detailed transaction data for each customer that paid with a credit card including: date/time of transaction, gross revenue, tip size, and customer name on the credit card used.

The names on the credit cards were then matched to the names of GiftAMeal user accounts, and the transactions were validated using the date/time of the credit card transactions and the date/time the photos were taken on GiftAMeal.


Check Size, Visit Frequency, and Tip Size

The 164 customers that used GiftAMeal, on average: spent 11% more per transaction, returned 51% more frequently, and tipped 49% more than their counterparts who had not used GiftAMeal.

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Incremental Revenue and ROI

The 164 customers using GiftAMeal in total spent $9,653.17 at Espresso Yourself during the almost 16 months of transaction data available for analysis. On average, that’s $615.95 in revenue from GiftAMeal customers per month.


To calculate incremental revenue created by GiftAMeal, the 11% increase in check size and 51% increase in visit frequency was applied to the typical customer. Results showed an average of $248.56/month in incremental revenue created by GiftAMeal, for a total of $3,895.41 in incremental revenue over 16 months.


To calculate return on investment (ROI), the incremental revenue was divided by the cost of participating in GiftAMeal’s program ($49/month), producing a 5.1x ROI.

Pandemic Boosted Results

GiftAMeal customers were even better during the pandemic! After March 15th, average tip percentage for customers that used GiftAMeal rose 22%, total spend rose 18%, and visit frequency grew 9%. This indicated that the socially conscious incentive provided by GiftAMeal for customers to support Espresso Yourself was multiplied during the pandemic.

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"We love seeing our guests coming back more and more, smiling and taking photos! GiftAMeal is great for our business and great for our hearts."

Jules Karagiannis 

Owner, Espresso Yourself Coffee & Café

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Warm, cozy fire, delicious breakfast wit


Warm, cozy fire, delicious breakfast with friends. Nothing better! 

First time here, greeaaat drink, and lea


First time here, greeaaat drink, and learned about an even greater program!!

Having some coffee! And helping those in


Having some coffee!

And helping those in need! 

best latte in STL- chocolate covered str


Best latte in STL- chocolate covered strawberry latte with oat milk!

Had to visit again it was soo yummy.  -A


Had to visit again it was soo yummy. 

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pounds of food


meals provided