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More restaurants on GiftAMeal means more meals for families in need.

How to Refer


Tell a restaurant owner/manager that they should join GiftAMeal and give them your organization's name to say you referred them.


The restaurant joins GiftAMeal and tells us your organization when signing up to say you referred them.


We make a $100 donation to a cause of your choice.

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How do I contact an owner/manager?

You can talk to an owner/manager next time you are at their restaurant, send them an email, fill out a contact form on their website, message them through social media, or however you’d like!

What should I tell the restaurant owner?

We recommend saying something like: GiftAMeal is a great way to promote your business while giving back to the community, and it is super easy for restaurants and customers to do. Feel free to share your personal experience using GiftAMeal too!

What if a restaurant says they want more information?

Tell them to look at giftameal.com/join to see more information.

What if a restaurant says they want to join?

Tell them to go to giftameal.com/join and click ‘Join Now’ to get started!

Can multiple people refer the same restaurant?

Yes, but restaurant owners may only use one referral per location. So don’t wait! Refer your favorite restaurant today!

What if the restaurant owner forgets to mention my organization?

We recommend emailing them the referral so that they remember. We can only give the reward if they tell us your organization so it is trackable from our end. If the restaurant owner does not tell us your organization, we will not be able to give out the reward.

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