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Restaurant Outreach Representative

Looking for St. Louisans in the restaurant industry for a part-time role that supports local restaurants while feeding the hungry.

Remote - 10 hrs/week - Flexible Schedule - Hourly Pay Plus Bonuses

Hiring on a rolling basis so apply now!

What we are looking for:
We’re looking for someone who is self-motivated, dependable, and has great communication skills. We are also looking for someone with perseverance who can handle rejection -- sometimes you may call 20 places and no one is free to meet -- we need someone who can stay motivated to call the next 20 after that. We have a small team and want to make sure everyone embodies the GiftAMeal brand -- caring, trustworthy, a team player, and excited to help the community
What are the hours:

​“While working as a bartender and manager at restaurants like Element and The Benevolent King, I kept hearing about this startup called GiftAMeal.

After looking into it, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this awesome company that was making such a difference in our community.

I reached out and was able to get my foot in the door with 10 hours a week. A year later and I’m full-time with benefits! As a part-time employee, I was able to balance doing GiftAMeal and bartending at the same time. I really enjoy the day-to-day work of talking to my restaurant industry peers to share what GiftAMeal is all about. It’s an extremely rewarding company to work for as you are able to not only help push customers to local businesses, but also have a direct impact on those less fortunate in our community.”

GiftAMeal is a St. Louis startup that helps provide a meal to a neighbor in need each time a user takes a photo of their order from a partner restaurant. Over 200 restaurants participate, over 38,000 people are on our mobile app, and over half a million meals have been provided to those in need so far.
Who we are:
How GiftAMeal works:
Restaurants pay GiftAMeal a monthly subscription to be on our mobile app as a mix of marketing and giving back. At the end of each month, GiftAMeal makes a donation to Operation Food Search (based on the number of photos taken on the app) to cover their costs of distributing donated food to over 200 neighborhood pantries.
Why we need you:
Local restaurants need our support now more than ever. We need you to help spread the word and reach out to St. Louis restaurants to set up meetings for our Restaurant Liaison, George. Then, George can meet with the restaurant owners/managers to explain our program more in-depth
Outreach shifts are available from 9am-10:45am or 2pm-4:30pm, any day of the week. Pick and choose your shifts before the start of each week.

– George Fiorini

What is the pay:
You will earn $10 per hour PLUS you will receive a $15 bonus for each meeting you set up once it takes place. The bonuses are unlimited so if you already have a big restaurant network and can set up a bunch of meetings right away, then you’ll get a big bonus pretty fast!