Top-Notch, Knock-Your-Socks-Off Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday and if you haven't done anything to prepare, never fear, I've got you covered. Instead of constructing some last minute hug coupons, here are a few unique ideas:

Give Back With A Mother's Love

Tired of giving flowers for Mother's Day? Honor a mother in your life by making a donation that will make a difference for a family living in extreme poverty. A donation is a great standalone gift or complement to a physical gift or experience. Here are the two that I recommend and am personally donating through (shh - don't tell my mom):

1. Fistula Foundation - Obstetric fistula is a preventable childbirth injury that that can be devastating for both mother and child. Fistula Foundation funds fistula treatment in Africa and Asia. You mother gave you the miracle of life - pass that miracle on by helping those who suffer from this preventable ailment!

2. Village Enterprise - They help equip rural Africans with the resources to create sustainable businesses. 80% of the businesses are women-owned, and studies show that women will invest 90% of their income back into their families - the perfect statistical representation of a mother's love. PS - it couldn't hurt to include a note as to why you chose the places you did, like "Hey Mom, thank you for carrying me and my twin for nine months and sorry about how my sister was delivered normally and I had to be removed via C-section. This gift represents the compassionate love I learned from you and is in honor of all the other mothers out there who had (even more) difficult births and because I'm excited for your new business. Sorry again about that C-section thing" -- Feel free to steal my words, but somehow I feel that note may only work for me.

Bonus charity that you might find more applicable to your life: Living Goods trains Community Health Promoters who go door-to-door providing health products and education, and treating common causes of child deaths.

Give Her an Experience

You know that thing that she's been wanting to do but can't find the time to, or that you've refused to go do with her? Do that thing.

Or there are a lot of cool Mother's Day specific events out there. For example, all weekend Laumeier Sculpture Park in STL has a super cool art fair. The outdoors, drinks, food, and art - what's not to love? If that's not her thing, maybe make her a big fun breakfast, or take her to brunch, or a movie. I promised myself I wouldn't make a GiftAMeal plug in this piece, but I'm a liar, so here it goes. If you go out to eat, drop by a GiftAMeal place and snap a pic on your app - the meal could go to help a mom in need in your city! (Sorry for the plug but, hey, it's for a good cause).

The Most Important Thing of All

You love your mom. Make sure she knows that, and not just with a half-hearted "I love you mom." Tell her why she means so much to you and the things you value about her and have learned from her! Spend the day with her, doing whatever it is you two (or three or four or ten) love to do.

PS - For those of you that know my mom, please don't show her this because that would basically just be a massive Mother's Day spoiler.

Lastly, to all the mothers out there: Happy Mother's Day!