Turn Turns It Up with a New Menu

The moment we’ve all been waiting for—Turn unveiled a new menu, and it’s perfectly curated for the summertime. Nothing says summer like Turn’s watermelon wedge, complete with cherry tomatoes, feta, mint, pistachios, and more.

You can’t go wrong with any of the menu options, and all of our old favorites are still available (you can still get their biscuit flight).

There are three new items that we find particularly exciting:

  1. D.L.T.

If you were to take a classic B.L.T. sandwich and make it fancier and more suitable for breakfast, then you’d have something along the lines of Turn’s new D.L.T. Turn substitutes duck for bacon, arugula for lettuce, and tomato jam for a tomato slice—plus it’s served on an English muffin with cheese and eggs.

  1. Chicken and Biscuit Sandwich

If there’s one thing we know about Turn, it’s that they’re capable of making the perfect biscuit. And, that perfect biscuit gets even better when paired with fried chicken, goat cheese, arugula, and a fried egg.

  1. Cuban Sandwich

If you’re more in the mood for a lunch item, you may want to try the new Cuban Sandwich. It’s pork tenderloin, ham, gruyere cheese, and pickles made in house.

To any of these selections you can add something from Turn’s extensive drink menu: a classic Bloody Mary or a Mimosa or something a little more creative, like Turn’s Gauncer cocktail (whiskey, orange liqueur, vermouth, and basil). Or, you might simply opt for a non-alcoholic option like coffee or tea.

If you need yet another reason to head over to Turn—you might like to know that the food is locally sourced. General Manager Daniel Limbert says, “We owe it to our customers to only use the freshest ingredients. By using local farmers we are ensuring that our produce will be picked at its peak. We are also a small business and we believe that it is beneficial to our community to also support other small business owners.”

And a lot of these local ingredients come from Urban Harvest, which grows organic food right in the city on the Food Roof Farm, the Keer Food Roof, the Flance Schoolyard Garden, and the Fresh Starts Community Garden.

According to Limbert, Urban Harvest also donates fifty percent of their produce production to Operation Food Search—the foodbank that we work with at GiftAMeal.

Choosing to eat at Turn is a chance to enjoy local and organically grown food, support a GiftAMeal restaurant, and experience a new and exciting summer menu from a spectacular chef, the one and only David Kirkland.