Garbanzo - Consistency in Taste and Desire for Positive Change

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh is a restaurant that makes a point to focus on taste and purpose. By maintaining a flavor that is natural and true to its history, Garbanzo takes old classics and brings them into the modern world. This constant interaction between old flavors and new people is what make Garbanzo truly fresh. In keeping with their focus on new people and the modern world, they aim to drive positive change in the communities where they operate.

Garbanzo began to make a splash with its first restaurant in Colorado, where it focused on authentic ingredients and no-fuss flavors. Over time, their popularity grew, but their dedication to authenticity remained the same. In many ways, Garbanzo feels the same as it did when it first opened because expansion efforts made sure to stay true to the restaurant’s Mediterranean heritage and aimed to recreate the feel of the first restaurant. The ability for this franchise to expand while maintaining its authentic edge is one of its many advantages.

Garbanzo also understands that dining is not just about what is eaten, but by whom. The communities Garbanzo enters are diverse and ever-changing. Consequently, Garbanzo takes an active and socially responsible role in these communities. It aims to enact positive change through coupon donations, scholarships, and fundraisers.

Garbanzo is teaming up with GiftAMeal because it cares about the St. Louis community. With one out of six children facing daily food insecurity, Garbanzo seeks to make a difference. Garbanzo, GiftAMeal, and Operation Food Search are partnered in an effort to help alleviate the pain of hunger and ensure that our neighborhoods are taking care of one another.

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