GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: April 2019

Happy May! April was a rockstar month - you all crushed it. 11,656 meals were provided to those in need due to YOUR photos taken on GiftAMeal. Thank you for helping make this impact possible. To date, 254,568 meals have been provided on GiftAMeal -- that's 305,482 POUNDS of food distributed to local pantries. Let's celebrate the restaurants that had the most pictures taken on GiftAMeal last month...


1. Three Kings Public House 2. Gingham's Homestyle Restaurant 3. Chris' Pancake & Dining 4. Vitality Bowls 5. Hodak's Restaurant and Bar 6. Walnut Grill 7 (tie). Anthonino's Taverna 7 (tie). Gregg's Bar & Grill 9 (tie). Zia's on the Hill 9 (tie). The Vine


11. Rich & Charlie's 12. Trainwreck Saloon 13. Las Fuentes 14 (tie). Kingside Diner 14 (tie). Seoul Taco 14 (tie). The Baked Bear 17 (tie). Espresso Yourself Coffee + Cafe 17 (tie). Cousin Hugo's 19. Schlafly Bottleworks 20 (tie). Gioia's Deli 20 (tie). Bloom Cafe 20 (tie). Sub Zero Vodka Bar 23. Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh 24. Farotto's 25. Lorenzo's Trattoria

Let's see which restaurants appear in the Top 25 next month! Make sure to go support your favorites :)

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