GiftAMeal Top Restaurants: October 2018

Happy Halloween! The holidays are finally upon us. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and Hanukkah, then New Year's, then Valentine's and... okay, I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit. But I'm pumped. And not just for the holidays. October 2018 was a RECORD month for GiftAMeal. 11,980 meals were provided this month to put us at 184,190 total meals provided to date! WOW. You all are using GiftAMeal like it's going out of style (which, of course, it's not).

As always, we owe a HUGE thank you not just to you users, but to our partner restaurants. Take a look at the restaurants that you all frequented the most this October:

1. Three Kings Public House

Three cheers for Three Kings! Hip, Hip, HAPPY HOUR! Check out Kings' happy hour at all three locations here. You're in for some sweeeeet deals, awesome drinks, and delectable appetizers. Yes, delectable. That's fancy speak for delicious.

2. Gingham's Homestyle Restaurant

A classic GiftAMeal restaurant, Gingham's is open 24 hours every day of the week. It’s a family-friendly spot that serves your favorite comfort food around the clock. Enjoy some awesome diner food in a terrific atmosphere.

3. Chris' Pancake & Dining

BREAKFAST FOOD ALL DAY! Now that I have your attention, check out Chris' Pancake & Dining. Their diverse menu ranging from Mediterranean omelets to breakfast quesadillas is quite exceptional, if I do say so myself. And I do say so. I just did. It's great. You'll love it. Go there.

4. Gregg's Bar and Grill

Consistently a top 5 GiftAMeal restaurant, Gregg's Bar and Grill is one of our users' favorite spots. Amazing food, a great atmosphere, friendly staff... this place has it all. Definitely a great spot to go with friends!

5. Seoul Taco

The only Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant I've ever been to, Seoul Taco is a fan-favorite. They have tacos, they have burritos, they have this awesome thing called a Gogi Bowl, they have it all. Kick back in a sweet atmosphere with colored radios, stylin' wall illustrations, and a food truck plastered on the side of the restaurant. Yeah, it's a cool spot.

6. Walnut Grill

Nobody does casual dining quite like Walnut Grill. With an emphasis on community and nutrition, Walnut places the utmost importance on fresh food and a fresh environment. Since 1999, Walnut Grill has always been prided itself in representing “sophistication, simplified.”

7. The Vine

Tarzan may not be swinging on this vine, but you should be. The Vine is an awesome Mediterranean restaurant located in Tower Grove in St. Louis. Its awesome owner, Savannah, truly cares about the community and is super helpful to us at GiftAMeal - shout out to her! Support a restaurant that does it right, and has amazing food.

8. Zia's on the Hill